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As Centerium; We can develop the software you need with our experience since 2012 and our perspective. From games to webpages, from mobile apps to factory automation, or from consultation to training. In all areas, we provide the best professional solution with our expert workers.

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Mobile Applications
More than 40 applicatons developed and successfully delivered to our clients within iOS and Android platforms. We do this with optimum prices.
Web Applications
If you want to solve your problems in the digital area, let us provide you our fail-proof workflow and quality work with our experience on huge web projects.
We can help your team by transferring our experience on iOS, Android, Web application development, Database and Microsoft Office programs and you will get the most efficient work setup.
For mobile and web based applications, we design user interfaces using the most adequate and recent principles. Our results are solely focus on simplicity and usability to maximize user interaction.
Buddify is an event-based meeting app. It allows people to create events by time and location and other people can join these events.
AnonifyVPN is a vpn application that allows people who need a VPN to connect to the internet through the country of their choice in a fast, secure and anonymous way.
Soccer Arena
Soccer Arena is a multiplayer soccer game. You create your teams in-game and try to reach top ranking.
Dersbulurum is a online education project. At the beginning of COVID-19, it is a system that allows classrooms to serve online, in this system, teachers can also add their own questions and sell them to the students in the system.
Epin.center is a website project where in-game coins in games such as Valorant, League of legends are sold.
OYUN CEVHERI is a fully automated hosting system. You can rent Virtual Private Server, Virtual Dedicated Server, Hosting ve Dedicated Server services.
CS.Center is an automation/panel project where the servers of the Counter Strike Global Offensive game are provided and customers can control their servers fully automatically through the website.
TS3.Center is an automation/panel project in which the servers of the voice speaking program called TeamSpeak 3 are provided and customers can control their servers fully automatically through the website.
Pink Escrow
Pink Escrow is a trustee system that allows customers to securely trade crypto with each other, the system works fully automatically and when the condition specified when starting the transaction is completed, the system sends the money to the seller's account.